Saturday, August 13, 2011

Custom Printed Lanyard: New Trend!

Having a custom printed lanyard is one of the newest trend today, may it be for a company or a personalized one. There are so many designs and materials that one can choose from when getting a custom lanyard. One can get either printed lanyards and badge holders or simple woven character lanyards depending on the design chosen by the customer. It has become the newest trend today due to the fact that it is very convenient to wear and comes in so many styles, used either for work or for everyday look.

Varying Designs on Custom Printed Lanyard

Designs on printed lanyards vary from cartoon characters, company or personalized logo, art works, abstract coloring design and so much more. The common materials being used on a custom printed lanyard are vinyl, cotton, neoprene, polyester, tubular and dye sublimated textiles. Common uses of lanyards are for securing IDs, cell-phones and so much more, that’s why it is used for the convenience of the user.

For a more personalized look on printed lanyards, it is best to take advantage of the varying colors and characters one can choose from when getting a printed lanyard. Compared to a woven lanyard, a custom printed lanyard has more designs and colors incorporation while a woven lanyard has limited color and design to choose from.

Prices and Deals on Custom Printed Lanyard

When ordering custom printed lanyard, it is best to have it in bulk or wholesale so buyers can save more on their lanyards. Today, many stores offer great deals and discounts on lanyards, may it be locally or online. Buyers can get as less as $0.40 on each lanyard, rest assured as well that the quality and printing won’t be compromised. The pricing also depends on the materials and methods of printing being used on a custom printed lanyard. Lanyards which are silk screened are less pricey compared to a dye sublimated one. Polyester and vinyl are high priced compared to tubular lanyards. Ready-made lanyards are cheaper as well compared to custom made ones.

Prices and discounts should be taken into heed when getting customized lanyards. Most of all, quality should be considered in terms of printing and materials used on a custom printed lanyard.

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